Food. Concepts. Photography.

Chantal Gerrits

Food. Concepts. Photography.

Enjoying as much green as possible, that's my mission! Currently based in the city Utrecht but enjoying the countryside often for inspiration. I like to create greener businesses, brands and products with an entrepreneurial mindset. Currently I am working as a Product Manager in the food branche and love to be creative in my spare time. You can find me photographing, at the ceramic course or traveling abroad.

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  • Oh, New York

    July 25, 2018
    Momofuku & Milk Bar Combine both food experiences for a unforgettable dinner. First we had steamed buns and ramen at Momofuku restaurant. Keep in mind...

How I work


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Creativity and innovation for future proof concepts and products.

I am always looking around me and seeing things in another perspective, like: ¬†which trends will be popular next year or what kind of products are consumers missing in their live? I am person that wakes up in the middle of the night and having brand new ideas. A creative mind, that’s Chantal!¬†On the other hand, I am commercial and sustainable driven. I believe in creating futureproof and greener business models. I’m open for change, not afraid to work and ready to dig into challenges.

My passion for concepts and design started at a young age, when I used an old camera of my dad and photographed my whole world. Today I am not only using my camera, but also my commercial and innovative skills to create new business concepts and products. Interested in my photography or food innovation work? Take a look at my portfolio and feel free to sent me a message. I’m always open for a coffee and sharing our ideas.