Oh, New York

Oh! The places you'll go and fall in love with. For me, New York is one of those places. Such an vibrant city which inspires me to look further than the most visited attractions. Visiting local food shops, grab a lunch at a food truck runned by young and passionated people, go for dinner outside Manhattan.

In this blogpost you can find my #foodsights for NYC!

Momofuku & Milk Bar

Combine both food experiences for a unforgettable dinner. First we had steamed buns and ramen at Momofuku restaurant. Keep in mind that there is a row of people before opening time, but it’s worth the waiting! After some food we walked to Milk Bar, a little dessert shop from the former patissier of Momofuku. Don’t miss the cereal ice cream with different toppings. The best ice-cream I ate in NYC.

Jack’s Wife Freda

Craving for a delicious brunch and coffee? Stop by Jack’s Wife Freda. I was in love with the whole concept and all the details, especially the sugar packaging! We chose the green shakshuka and a croque madame. If you get inspired by a perfect designed concept and enjoying a brunch, this is your place.

Beyond Sushi

We had a little jetlag so we went to this place called Beyond Sushi for some take-away dishes. Beyond Sushi is specialized in vegan sushi and Asian appetizers. Some edamame, spring rolls, noodle dish and dumplings ended up in our bags! This place showed me that vegan options (especially in sushi) is a big deal in NYC. It was crowed with people, which made the pressure on the kitchen even more. Maybe you should go between lunch and dinner, because the dishes were ok, but not so good as we heard. I’m still up for a visit the next time we are in NYC.


Please, if you have the time, go outside Manhattan. We walked through Brooklyn to get to this place, but it was worth the 3-hour walk. There’s a whole different atmosphere in this neighborhood and you can find a lot of hidden foodspots. Olmsted is one of them, even when it is listed in magazine and newspapers. There were a lot of locals and the staff was so friendly. Olmsted is a from-farm-to-table-concept, which means they grow their own veggies, herbs and fruits. They also buy local products and can tell everything about every ingredient and product they use. Inside tip: if the weather allows, enjoy your dessert in their garden!

And last but not least,

walk into supermarkets! I found a lot of cool local products from start-ups and farmers. If their vegetable section is worth a shopping trip.